San Francisco Begin its Recreational Marijuana Sale

San Francisco has arrived at a decision to allow sale of recreational marijuana. Residents have seized the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new reality. What is in the future?

After a detailed emotional debate by residents and supervisors of San Francisco, the supervisory board decided to pass a resolution allowing recreational marijuana sale. This came after California State made recreational Marijuana legal. The supervisory board also voted in favor of electing a buffer zone to separate schools and marijuana dispensaries following some lobby.

San Francisco is a city that has had the reputation of advocating for Recreational marijuana. The sale of weed was made legal on 6th January 2018, Saturday. A total of 6 dispensaries had by Saturday confirmed their recreational marijuana sales business. This is according to the Cannabist, a San Francisco Marijuana news source. All of these dispensaries received licensing on Saturday the 6th.

Apothecarium, a recreational marijuana dispensary from San Francisco organized a Ceremony to celebrate their licensing and even gave a 20% discount for residents who came with their mothers. According the Cannabist San Francisco weed news the reason this dispensary allowed the discount was to demonstrate that recreational cannabis joints are respectable and decent places and people should not be afraid of coming along with their mothers.

Explaining the Delay in Starting Recreational Marijuana Sales

Recreational marijuana was legalized starting 1st January 2018 in California. Some municipalities like San Francisco had not authorized any recreational cannabis shops by then. According to credible San Francisco weed news sources it was not possible to start operations immediately because the shops had to wait until everything was properly set. It was important to avoid any legal challenge from the municipality.

Immediate Impact

A San Francisco Lawyer aged 44 years by the name Shabnam Malek had to wait 30 minutes for Apothecarium Recreational marijuana dispensary to open. She was proud that she finally had an opportunity to legally acquire recreational cannabis as opposed to what she had to go through when she was 20. She confided with the Cannabist, a San Francisco Marijuana news source that she used to buy Marijuana from the streets and that the experience made her vulnerable to unsafe situations and contaminated products.

Borrowing from Shabnam Malek it is expected that the legalization of marijuana will alleviate the underworld drug dealings and sanitize recreational marijuana trade. Young people will no longer have to suffer the consequences of an unregulated industry. Shanam Malek, in her own words, said she felt more galvanized now that she no longer had to hide. She also said she would seize the opportunity to openly express support for recreational marijuana.

Harvest on Geary Marijuana Dispensary also received an email confirming their license to operate the recreational cannabis business. Reporting for ABC7 News, a San Francisco Marijuana news source, Lonni Rivera quoted Marty Higgins, the CEO of Harvest, as saying that recreational marijuana business was expected to triple.

Delayed Authorization in San Francisco

Most cities and Counties in California had not aligned themselves to the legalization of marijuana. This is why San Francisco Marijuana Dispensaries with operating licenses had to wait a while before the city could set things in place. According to San Francisco weed news sources, recreational marijuana dispensaries will have to comply with local regulations in order to remain in operations, failure to which they become liable to local authorities.

It might take time for San Francisco residents to settle in with the reality of recreational marijuana legalization. As for weed dispensaries it might be time to leap big.


Geez, there seem to be a lot of people named Ann who write marijuana blogs. Well, that’s my name too, and when I asked my mom why she decided to give me such a mundane label she explained that the name Ann meant God has favored me. My name took on a whole new significance and I no longer thought it boring. And God has favored me – he gave me the gift of the gab and he smiled his approval when I decided to move to San Francisco. I love this city, I love the people, and most of all I love writing about marijuana.

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