California Opens Online System to License New Weed Industry

Technology has revolutionized the way we access several services today. The same technology is now being used by California when it comes to issuing state licenses to sell recreational marijuana. The applications for the licenses started to stream in since last Friday. It seems like the weed delivery in San Francisco will be right on schedule. This is in aim to prepare the state to kickstart the sale of recreational marijuana as from Jan. 1, 2018.

It is expected that weed delivery industry would pump an additional $7 billion into the economy. That is not a small amount that thus the need to make sure that the industry is properly regulated. If you want your state license, proceed to the official website for the licenses and make the application.

The system has been in development for a while now. With the system launched, the retailers, distributors, and testing labs can now seek state licenses at the comfort of their offices. The best part is that the process of making the application does not take long. You should be good to apply within a few minutes of setting up your account.

Recreational marijuana is expected to join the medical weed delivery industry that has been in existence for the last 20 years. With the introduction of the new method to get licenses, it just shows how the state serious about the marijuana industry. For many people, they feel it is a step closer to getting the recreational marijuana available for the users.

California is among the eight states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. What you need to know is that marijuana is still illegal under the federal law. The Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not helping either. He has been a major critic of marijuana legalization, but the states have said they will legalize and manage marijuana on their own.

After a few hours of the system running, the state officials claimed that the site was still working and more people were signing up. It is just like signing up on an online marijuana delivery in San Francisco. Only the important information is needed to get the account ready. The state officials have also noted that some users are just browsing the system without making the application. They just fill up their information and might come later to submit their application later.

When issued, these licenses will not be effective until Jan 1. This is when the sale of recreational marijuana is expected to buy. You will now be able to buy medical weed online together with recreational marijuana from the same place. It is expected that many people will be in queues on that day to taste their first legal recreational pot.

Even if that is the case, the laws in the various cities and counties must also be followed by the weed sales. These counties and cities can set up different regulations to control marijuana business in their respective areas. So it might be possible to easily get marijuana in certain areas than others. Let us see how the system helps more people get their state licenses for the marijuana business.


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