Marijuana lounges in Clark County a complicated matter

The rise of Marijuana has taken the US by storm and the popularity of the plant has grown day by day. Not only is it a near perfect substance for the treatment of medical conditions, but it is also an all-time favorite recreational pastime. But marijuana legalization is not without its shortcomings. While many believe that marijuana legalization is liberation from tyrannical oppression there is a strong argument that it is all happening a little too fast. There are many, many issues with marijuana legalization. It is not as simple as legalizing the plant and watching finances and wellbeing increase. It is a complex situation with many moving parts which have to be taken into account.

Marijuana Lounges in Clark County

One example of many marijuana difficulties is marijuana lounges in Clark County. The Nevada Legislature’s lawyers threw a curveball to local governments last week with a legal opinion saying nothing in the state law prohibits marijuana consumption lounges.

After months of following the guidance of the state in navigating the legalization process, local governments are poised to decide whether they want to move forward with something that no city in the nation has done — license and regulate social consumption lounges.Although elected local officials have an appetite for cannabis clubs, even the most pro-pot lawmakers like Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani are pumping the brakes.Giunchigliani said she initially opposed consumption lounges, but she’s seen the need for them since recreational marijuana sales started on July the first. Smoking in public is illegal, and all casinos have been told to ban it on their properties. Giunchigliani said tourists complain they have no place to smoke the drug they bought legally in Las Vegas. Her suggestion is to implement marijuana lounges once it has been discussed with residents over a number of meetings. Then proposals can be drafted an adopted and guidelines can be issued to marijuana lounges in line with what residents actually want.

Moving too Fast

Things have to be done correctly and marijuana legalization is not going to happen overnight. People are getting caught up in marijuana legalization and want to be able to smoke anywhere at all times and buy from anyone and grow their marijuana where they wish. This is not a mature approach. You cannot go from marijuana being prohibited for nearly a hundred years to being able to get it delivered to your door by drone overnight (many startups have stated that they intend to undertake drone delivery, only to have this banned at the state level with regulations to the effect that delivery could be by motor vehicle only).

As much as people may view regulation and compliance as a nuisance. It is there for a reason. Few are aware of the amount of toxins that cannabis can contain when it is not grown properly. Marijuana needs to be integrated organically over time in an intelligent manner. Then people can reap the benefits of quality marijuana that is properly certified and regulated. North Las Vegas City Councilman Isaac Barron said: “the time has come” for legalized pot lounges. But he said rushing blindly to open consumption lounges without due diligence “would be contrary to what we want to achieve in legalization. There’s a lot of things we need to work out”.

While marijuana lounges seem like a good idea, there are too many unanswered questions to allow them to operate at present. While there can be no doubt that casino operators are pushing for their legalization, it is not the right move at this time. What kind of ventilation is required for the premises, where could they operate, could the lounges sell marijuana, would there be bouncers to prevent minors are all questions with no answers. There is no regulation governing marijuana lounges so it is obvious that marijuana lounges cannot yet proceed.

Tread Carefully

Another point is that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions might not be very happy with the idea of bar lounges. He has already stated his approach to marijuana, which has been to crack down on it as hard as he can. Blatantly allowing marijuana lounges to operate would provide Sessions with the perfect location to make an example of.

This point notwithstanding, the nation’s first fully legal recreational and medical marijuana lounge will most probably be in Southern Nevada once some of the wrinkles are ironed out. Its biggest competition is Denver, which has legal consumption lounges on the books after a recent ballot approval. But Nevada seems to be more prepared and powerful business owners are eager to get the legislation passed to generate revenue, which could make it happen sooner in Nevada. Marijuana integration is taking place across the US at breakneck speeds despite the hold on marijuana lounges for now.


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