Why Marijuana Legalization Reducing Crimes?

As marijuana recreational use and the sale thereof is legalized the related crimes for the possession, sale, consumption and cultivation will obviously drop drastically. There is still a black market to be expected however the marijuana legalization will bring many users and sellers out from the shadows.

In the latest cannabis news and marijuana updates, there is a strong argument that legalizing marijuana reduces crime. The University of Texas published a research article examining how legal medical marijuana has affected crime rates. The research found that medical marijuana legalization may indeed be associated with a lessening of assault rates and homicides.

Organized crime levels could also experience a drop with the legalization of marijuana. By legalizing cannabis; the demand for the illegal substance is reduced and therefore the organized crime units out of business.

With the latest cannabis news the past several years leading up to the legalization of recreational cannabis and the legal sale of recreational cannabis have brought steady development in the laws and regulations surrounding marijuana. This has given the state time to set tax regulations that help to regulate the marijuana market. Now, the very same that is assisting in making marijuana legal is also the same that will continue to perpetuate the black market. Taxes will be a regulator for the price of marijuana, and in many cases the price will be higher than what many are used to purchasing on the black market. The illegal market will still have its niche in modern marijuana society, for the simple fact that the black market will be able to sell marijuana at a lower rate.

Across researchers, there seems to be a parallel of indications that the states close to the border of Mexico are seeing the most drops in crime rates. The Economic Journal released a paper that shares results of a study conducted in a joint venture with Penn State’s Department of Sociology and Criminology. The results show a significant decrease in violent crime with the states neighbouring Mexico.

The reason for this, according to the authors, is simple; the cartels are the main instigator for these drug-related violent crimes and as the marijuana legalization takes its effect on the market, the drug trafficking will experience a lower demand for their product. The states closest to the Mexican border are experiencing this because, according to the authors of the paper, these violent cartels are traditionally run from Mexico.

According to data from FBI reports, the chief drop has been found in drug-related homicides.

With the legalization of marijuana, businesses can run legitimately and traders and entrepreneurs can engage in lawful cannabis cultivation and the trade thereof. This regulated system will allow these businesses to settle any misconduct in the courts instead of in the vigilante way used when the business is illegitimate.

Washington State legalized recreational marijuana in 2012 and the state has seen a significant drop in violent crimes since then. In the period of 2011 – 2014, violent crime rates were down by 10%.

As with any new regulations and laws, there will be a birthing period before the majority of the black market turns legit. The crime rate and the legalization of marijuana is a subject that will be closely monitored by researchers and the state alike for the initial years.

While the future is foggy for now, it is evident that the opening of the legitimate market for Adult Recreational marijuana use is set to mark a new era in society as a whole.


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