Does Marijuana Improve Athletes Performance?

There are benefits and downsides of using marijuana to enhance athletic performance. Highlighted below are some important considerations for athletes.

The consumption of marijuana has been showed to have significant and varying effects on sports people. The effects may not always be counterproductive as many would think. Scientific research has explored marijuana benefits for people who do physical exercises. The conclusion of some research studies revealed that the therapeutic qualities of marijuana have significant beneficial qualities for athletes. It is interesting to note that people involved in outdoor activities and athletics can count on the beneficial qualities of marijuana.

  • Anti-inflammatory effect

One of the marijuana benefits is its anti-inflammatory results. Marijuana has components capable of generating effects similar to those endorphins generate. Marijuana elevates the pain threshold of the user. This means that athletes can endure long hours of tough training.

  • Reduced levels of anxiety

Cannabis users experience lower levels of anxiety. This helps boost their mood therefore boosting their athleticism. More on this can be studied from this online marijuana information link.

  • Muscle recovery

Athletes using cannabis reported faster recovery and an ability to endure longer stretches without eating more. The athletes suggested that weed can assist in muscle relaxation upon fatigue. This marijuana benefit makes it possible for athletes to stretch after running.

Studies done on rats show that extended marijuana intake inhibit CBI receptor. This receptor is responsible for protein synthesis and building of muscles. Inhibiting the receptor means that muscle growth is inhibited. The applicability of this research on human beings is not yet clear. THC inhibits growth hormone secretion in humans. This hormone influences muscles growth. For more online marijuana insights on this issue visit this site.

Research on CBD consistently reveals that it has many health benefits. THC on the other hand has been shown to have potential for adverse effects.  The marijuana benefits present in CBD oils can be used alongside THC to achieve an ultimate beneficial balance between muscle gain and relaxation. More research in this area is needed in order to get definitive answers on marijuana benefits and downsides of cannabis on growth of muscles.

  • Marijuana downside

Marijuana is said to affect sections of the brain. This might hinder professional athletes from performance. Marijuana is said to affect hand and eye coordination and reaction time. These qualities are quite significant to an athlete’s performance. Marijuana benefits are hence significantly diminished for athletes. Tests conducted on pilots through simulation revealed that when they were under marijuana influence the minor and major errors rose significantly.

The pilots returned to normalcy after 2 hours under marijuana influence. More research studies reveal that extended used of marijuana can diminish the level of alertness, effect short-term cognitive memory, lower reaction time etc. Cannabis is also said to increase heart rate therefore increasing the chances of reaching a climax much earlier for athletes. More marijuana online information can be accessed from here.

  • Anti-doping regulations

Professional athletes are under stringent drug regulation rules. Marijuana users might want to avoid its use. Cannabis is banned by WADA. The association sites that cannabis helps athletes clam down during competitions due to the reduced levels of anxiety and enhanced flow of oxygen through the lungs. This marijuana benefit can be taken advantage of by sports people who are not professionals.

Cannabis cannot be compared to use of steroids. This notwithstanding it is still banned and could result to disqualification of athletes. Online marijuana information sources from the highlighted links provide more information.


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