10 Pot Stories That Will Define 2018

As 2018 progresses, we are going to witness several developments in the weed industry. We have prepared a list 10 pot stories for this year.

Pot Stories That Will Define 2018

Pop Culture

Now that pot is fully legal, there is going to be a series of weed-themed music, TV shows,and movies, as well as a variety of TCH-inspired forms of art. Already there are various developments underway such as the documentary film “Lady Buds: Women Elevating the Cannabis Industry,”an upcoming television series comedy “The High Five.”

$10 (7.77 USD) Dank in Canada

In December Canada announced that 1 gram of legal recreational pot will cost $10(7.77 USD) in 2018. The state will the give 75 percent of the money collected in taxes to its provinces for maintaining the legal pot industry.

Canada plans to legalize recreational pot come July 1 after it will have passed key issues on taking pot and driving, and legal consumption and sales.

Alternative Cultivation

California has passed more regulatory legislation for weed cultivation. One of them is the medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act 2016 that restricted water usage from certain sources and prohibited use of non-approved solvents in processing of weed.

Businesses are planning to use new methods that comply with the law, such as collecting rainwater for irrigation and using methods that reduce water loss during production. As well there will be more changes to marijuana delivery San Francisco.


In November 2018, Arizona voters will go to the ballot to legalize industrial hemp.

Colorado is planning to maintain crucial hemp plant diversity with a larger seed base. They have approved four hemp seed types that are eligible for cultivation in the state.

Cannabis Legal Battles

We expect to see several legal cannabis legal battles during the year and beyond. The Congress may craft a law that prohibits states from passing legal marijuana laws. On the other end, the Attorney General may legally challenge state’s that have legalized weed as Federal Law has still classified weed as a Schedule 1 substance.

There will be legal battles for businesses doing weed delivery San Francisco as well.

More Medical Weed

More States are expected to legalize medical pot come 2018.

New medical weed state Texas is planning to open three dispensaries early this year.

Utah, Oklahoma, and Idaho will go to the ballot on medical weed in November. Utah is planning to prohibit smoking of weed flowers, as the law to be voted for only allowed edibles, vaporizers, and topicals.

Colorado is planning to issue research and development licenses for both private and public studies by private companies, nonprofits, and government interests.

Banking on weed

Various states are planning to create laws that will allow banks to support the weed industry.

California is in the process of creating a state-backed financial institution to support the weed industry. The state is also exploring other options that they can use so the huge financial transactions for the weed industry can be done in a secure manner.

Marijuana shares and marijuana markets

As more states are about to legalize pot, the weed industry stands higher chances of being legalized by the federal government.

Weed investors are expecting a weed related exchange traded fund (ETF) that will help them to participate in the stock market. This will also stimulate more investment in businesses that grow, create and distribute weed products.

The overall result will be more business for weed delivery San Francisco and other businesses in this industry.

Ballots to legalize pot

Voters across the US going to the ballot to vote various issues relating to weed will also be one of the top pot stories for 2018.

This year, Arizona is planning to legalize recreational pot and other drugs including LSD, heroin,and cocaine.

On November Florida will vote The Florida Cannabis Act that aims to legalize recreational pot growing and selling.

California marijuana revenue to grow

As the state has now legalized recreational pot, they expect to collect more revenue to a tune of $5.2 billion in 2018.

These are only but a few of the pot stories to watch out for in 2018. Keep checking out for more pot stories.


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